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RSciTE v.115

What is RSciTE?

It's not easy to define RSciTE, as it's not only a text editor, but something more:

Distribution kit

RSciTE a set of software tools ( programs) configured to create a unique synergetic working environment designed for text editing.


RSciTE is a powerful, complete and customizable tool to edit text files suitable for anyone, a computer novice and an expert.


With the LUA programming language embedded into RSciTE, you can extend the software creating custom procedures for text files editing.

Your companion

If editing text files is your daily routine, RSciTE will become your inseparable workmate.


RSciTE contains only Free Software which is freely usable, modifiable and redistributable.


A vast array of first-rate features makes it difficult to name only one as essential.


For everyone

Efficient and Minimal

For everyone


For everyone


For everyone


For Developers


For Developers


For everyone


For everyone

Compare and merge files

For Developers

Hexadecimal Editor

For Developers


For everyone


Lisp & CAD


Why only 64-bit?

The Distribution

Which software?

Much more...

Download it!

Some more information on RScite

You can learn more about RSciTE and how to use it in the following pages:

  • News

    The changes to RSciTE

    All changes and additions made to RSciTE. A detailed list of what has been done to the software since its inception to date. Click here to see it.
    Page in Italian Language Page in Italian Language.

  • Articles

    All the articles dedicated to the software, the changes made in the various versions, the in-depth pages.

    what has been done in the software, a precise and detailed list of updates illustrating all the changes implemented in its different versions.
    Page in Italian Language Page in Italian Language.

  • RSciTE Feature Guide

    The Features guide

    The guide (in the Italian language) simply and clearly demonstrates the features and possibilities of the RSciTE distribution. Download Now.


    You may not know it

    A series of articles exploring the RSciTE program features, sometimes hidden, and telling how to use and configure them.
    Page in Italian Language Page in Italian Language.


    Addresses and References

    This page offers a collection of references to other web sites dedicated to the software included in the RSciTE distribution.
    Page in Italian Language Page in Italian Language.

  • Sources

    RSciTE is the Free Software...

    Being the free software, you can download not only the usual binary file, but also the complete source code of the RSciTE distribution. Download it by Clicking Here.

  • Previous versions

    Download other versions...

    As of release 85 RSciTE is distributed only 64-bit. For those wishing to download a 32-bit version or, more simply, a previous version.

  • Acknowledgements

    A special mention to...

    Sincere gratitude/thanks to those who helped to ensure that RSciTE is what it is today.
    Page in Italian Language Page in Italian Language.

  • This is only just beginning!


The RSciTE distribution is developed and maintained by a single developer, Roberto Rossi, with the support and help of users who work with ideas, patches and suggestions.

Roberto Rossi

"The 'copyleft' aims to encourage people to cooperate and help each other and to give everyone the same freedom."
(Richard Stallman)


Have an idea? Do you want to see added a function that you need? Would you like to help me or to leave a comment sharing your thoughts? Just drop me a message. Do it right away!

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